Workout Plan

Click here to download a PDF of Earth & Owl's Beginner Progression Plan. This plan contains over 50 rebounding workout videos that will have you on your way to successful rebounding using proper form and alignment. This plan works especially well for those new to fitness or returning after a long absence. It is helpful for participants who are advanced in age, have chronic illness, or seeking significant weight loss. All 50+ workouts are available on the Earth & Owl YouTube channel with the "supporter" membership $9.99/mo. To become a member of the Earth & Owl YouTube channel, click here. The "join" button may not appear on iphones and ipads. Using a desktop computer to join is easiest. If using an iphone or ipad, open safari, type in the browser, search Earth & Owl and then you should see the join button. Click here to go to the beginner progression plan playlist on YouTube. The Grandma Helen senior rebounding workouts are located here.

Grandma Helen Age 87