Beginner Progression Program

Click here to download a PDF of Earth & Owl's Beginner Progression Plan. This plan contains 50+ rebounding workout videos that will have you on your way to successful rebounding using proper form and alignment. This plan works especially well for those new to fitness or returning after a long absence. It is helpful for participants who are advanced in age, have chronic illness, or seeking significant weight loss. All 50+ workouts are available on the Earth & Owl YouTube channel with the Supporter membership $9.99/mo. To become an Earth & Owl channel member, click here.

The following is a testimonial:

I am 59 years of age and am retired military & law enforcement. During my careers, I suffered many injuries including spiral fractures of my left tibia/fibula requiring permanent hardware/plates, two torn meniscus in my right knee and spinal fractures of four vertebrae requiring a spinal fusion and permanent hardware/plates in my back. Due to my injuries, I was unable to perform traditional or gym workouts, run, walk for extended periods of time, and was generally in some sort of high level pain every day! I discovered rebounding, joined the Earth & Owl YouTube channel, and have been performing Nikki’s Beginner Progression Program. I started slowly performing each video in a block until I felt I “nailed or mastered” the video before moving on to the next one. This ranged anywhere from several days to just over a week on the same video depending on the type of rebounding workout and its difficulty.  Using this methodology has benefitted me tremendously. It has made me a more proficient/advanced rebounder and less likely to sustain injury. I am more mobile, agile, balanced, have increased strength & stamina and more importantly…the vast majority and levels of my everyday pain has decreased tremendously. I still ache every now and then but it’s nothing a couple of Tylenol or Motrin can’t take care of versus the alternative…prescription pain medication. Due to all of the beneficial results, I am a much happier, healthier person. Thank you Nikki for your program and dedication to teaching others rebounding as it has certainly benefitted me and I hope this review can offer the same benefits to others.