Foot & Ankle Pain and Burning Calves During Rebounding

Foot & Ankle Pain and Burning Calves During Rebounding

As an instructor, one of the most common concerns I hear from beginner rebounders is that their feet and ankles hurt and their calves burn. Some participants wonder if rebounding simply might not work for them. Fear not! I'm here to share a few helpful tips if you are experiencing these symptoms.

Tip #1 - You may have started with too much, particularly if you've been inactive for a while. It takes time to build the muscles of your ankles, feet and calves. Many beginners start with only a few minutes and slowly work their way up to a full workout. Try backing off and rebounding in short increments throughout your day while your feet, ankles and calves adjust.

Tip #2 - Stretch! Warming up and cooling down can make a world of difference. Simple exercises such as pointing and flexing your feet, spreading and curling your toes, and ankle circles may be just what you need. Click here for some specific stretches that may help.  

Tip #3 - Myofascial release (sometimes called trigger point therapy) is a form of self massage using a foam roller or balls that helps you release tension in your fascial tissue. Fascia is densely woven tissue that connects your muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, veins and organs. It promotes increased movement, circulation and relaxation. Earth & Owl has several myofascial release classes that can be found in the yoga playlist on YouTube here.

Tip #4 - Try rebounding in both shoes and barefoot. Rebounding barefoot can help improve balance and proprioception as well as strengthen your feet; however, some people feel more supported in shoes. This is especially true with certain symptoms and conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Tip #5 - Have patience. It may take your body a little time to adjust to rebounding. This is normal. Think baby steps!

Disclaimer: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. These tips are not a substitute for qualified medical care.

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Ohhhhhh my calves Are burning!!! (Week 2 of Rebounding) Great Advice; I really try to pay attention to #5 baby steps; as a beginner it is too easy when you have so much fun rebounding to over-do it! Thanks for all the Tips, Advice & Especially the Video Series (Live is AWESOME)!!! All the Best!

William Duntzee

Thanks so much for this advice! I am really loving your classes!

Shannon Wernersbach

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