YouTube LIVE Class Schedule CST:

Tuesday 10:00am ~ Beginner Rebounding
This class is typically 20-25 minutes in duration. That time frame includes a warm-up, steady state cardio rebounding, tabata toning, and cool down.

Thursday 10:00am ~ Steps, Strength, Stability, Stretch
This class is typically 45 minutes in duration. The class focuses on strength, stability and balance. Resistance bands and hand weights are optional, but used regularly. This class is suitable for all levels.

Saturday 9:00am ~ Intermediate Rebounding
Warm-up, 12 minutes steady state cardio rebounding, 12 minutes Tabata toning exercises, 12 more minutes of steady state cardio rebounding, cool down.
(Tabata - 20 seconds activity / 10 seconds of rest)

Sunday 9:00am ~ Handlebar Hiit
(HIIT - 45 seconds activity / 15 seconds active rest)
This class works for ALL levels. There is plenty of room to modify for beginners and up the intensity for advanced rebounders. A handlebar is not required. This class is typically 20-30 minutes in duration.

Sunday 9:30am ~ Yoga + Myofascial Release
Let's stretch! Grab your yoga mat and join me for a 20 minute yoga class.
All class times are CST. I recommend having two pairs of hand weights. One lower weight (1-3lbs) and one higher (5-8lbs). Resistance bands are also helpful.