YouTube LIVE Rebounding Class Schedule:

10:00am EST ~ 9:00am CST ~ 8:00am MST ~ 7:00am PST

Tuesday ~ Handlebar Hiit Rebounding
This variable intensity class includes several rounds of trampoline HIIT as well as strength exercises. This class can be modified or intensified to meet a wide range of abilities. Great for weight loss and building stamina! There are a few "stop options" if you're not ready for the full class duration. Handlebar is optional!

Thursday ~ Senior/Gentle Rebounding
The rebounding portion of this class is broken into two sections of 15 minutes allowing you to choose if you want to complete one or both. Sandwiched between the two rebounding sections are strength exercises.

Saturday ~ Advanced Rebounding
Warm-up, 15 minutes steady state cardio rebounding, 12 minutes Tabata strength exercises, 15 more minutes of steady state cardio rebounding, cool down. Not suitable for beginners. This is my most challenging weekly class. Great for cardiovascular health, weight loss, building muscle and more!

Sunday ~ Beginner Rebounding "Sunday 60"
This class works for ALL levels. There is plenty of room to modify for beginners and up the intensity for advanced rebounders. This class is 60 minutes in duration and includes a warm up, 30 minutes of rebounding and a yoga stretch.

BONUS ~ "Member Monday" ~ Supporters & Partners
Watch for occasional live chats on YouTube! Announcements for upcoming chats will be posted on social media. Ask questions, get support, make workout requests, laugh, share, and connect! Topics can be anything health, wellness, fitness, exercise, diet, nutrition, weight loss related. You are not alone in your journey to improved health! This live class is for supporter and partner YouTube channel members. This is an evening live.
9pm EST ~ 8pm CST ~ 7pm MST ~ 6pm PST

I recommend having a selection of hand weights ranging from 1 to 15 pounds. Resistance bands, booty bands and a kettle bell are also helpful. Link to my equipment here: