What trampoline do you recommend?

I use the Jumpsport 350Pro. I used it in my studio for many years. It works well for nearly all participants and has a 300lb weight rating. The quick release handlebar is sold separately. You can purchase directly from me under the "products" tab. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Barefoot or Shoes?

Rebounding barefoot can help strengthen the muscles of your feet and ankles as well as improve balance and proprioception; however, if you feel more comfortable in shoes, that is absolutely fine too. Personally speaking, I prefer shoes for my more intense workouts.

What if I have bladder leakage?

It is critical that you practice good rebounding form. This will help you stay safe and help with bladder leak issues. I stop liquids about 90 minutes before my workout. I use the restroom right beforehand and I do not bounce high. It is important to stay hydrated, but try to consume liquids earlier in the day and after your rebounding workout. Be sure to watch my form tutorial before beginning any Earth & Owl workout video. I highly recommend the speax by thinx underwear for light bladder leakage.

How do I join on YouTube and what do I get?

Click the "JOIN" button on my YouTube channel homepage to learn more about becoming a member. Or copy and paste the following into your web browser: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCafgYoJtJLLYLQDshX3eIWw/join The join button does not always appear on iphones and ipads, so using a desktop or laptop computer is best.

What other equipment do I need for classes?

I use 1lb, 2lb, 4lb and 8lb dumbells so anything close to that would work. I also own a 15lb kettlebell that I use during some classes. My Thursday strength class uses resistance and booty bands. A yoga mat, block and strap are also helpful. Click here for my Amazon page and equipment recommendations.

Do you have a community page or support group?

I recommend joining my private Facebook group Rebounding for Beginners and Seniors.

How long should I rebound when first starting?

This is going to vary somewhat from person to person. Here are a couple key things you might ask yourself...
#1 Have I watched and practiced the form tutorial? Do I have a clear understanding of how to hold my body?
#2 Am I in recovery from an injury or have other physical health conditions?
#3 Am I currently active? Someone who has a current fitness program may be fine to go ahead and start with a bit longer time.
#4 Do I lack core strength? Rebounding is an amazing core exercise, but you may need to start with a few minutes and build your way up. Rebounding for too long without sufficient core strength or improper form could lead to some low back aches.
It is absolutely fine if 2-3 minutes is the most you can do, especially if you are in recovery, have a health condition, have been inactive or have a significant amount of weight you want to lose. It is also fine if you start with 5-10 minutes. Gage how you feel after and the next day. You may have to exercise patience working your way up to the length of time you'd ideally like to rebound. There is no one size that fits all. When in doubt, start slow and work your way up. You know your body best. I also recommend downloading my FREE workout program!