Adjusting Your Jumpsport Rebounder Tension

Adjusting Your Jumpsport Rebounder Tension

So you've purchased a Jumpsport rebounder! How exciting! Did you know that you can adjust the tension? You can make the bounce softer or firmer.

Some people prefer a softer bounce. When you bounce on soft bungees, you sink down a little lower, and it takes more strength, energy, and propulsion to get you "airborne". If you're like me and you like to keep tempo, you'll want a little firmer bounce so you don't sink as low and can move a bit faster.

In my experience as an instructor, new rebounding participants typically like a little firmer bounce. It's easier to control your body. This allows for careful foot placement and body alignment. Safety is the #1 priority!

Click here to view my video demonstrating how to adjust the tension on your new Jumpsport rebounder!

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Thank you!! EXACTLY what I was looking for! I also realized I’m supposed to check to be sure the legs have not loosened. I have mine on a pad over an old wood floor and new squeaking was happening. Turns out a leg was very loose.


I haven’t adjusted mine yet as I’m still so big. But I do want to tighten it up once I get over all the health issues I’m dealing with. Thanks for the info.

Kathleen Osmon

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