Spring or Bungee - The Big Debate!

Spring or Bungee - The Big Debate!

I entered the online world of trampoline rebounding after the Covid 19 pandemic forced the closure of my in person rebounding and yoga studio. I excitedly joined a few Facebook rebounding support groups, mostly to market my workouts. I was dismayed to find people bickering about what type of rebounder is best. I certainly understand the desire to purchase something good and long lasting, but the truth is there are several good rebounders on the market including both spring and bungee. 

Whether spring or bungee, I definitely do not recommend buying low quality. Some people buy cheap thinking they'll invest later "IF" they like it. The problem with that theory is you're probably not going to like rebounding on a low quality rebounder. The best thing I can compare it to is feeling sluggish. When I've bounced on something low quality, I have trouble propelling myself upward. I feel a bit stuck and my movements are incredibly inefficient. It becomes difficult to focus on form and alignment because I'm working so hard just to perform the actions. It's not fun, and that is one of the most important aspects of rebounding for me personally. It's gotta be fun!

Spring rebounders tend to be on the firm side, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Some people like a firm bounce so they can move quickly and have careful foot placement. However others feel the firmness is jarring and hard on their joints and body. Another thing to consider is noise. Spring rebounders typically need oil if and when they get squeaky. Springs could be a bit dangerous if you have little ones. Think finger pinches! Quality bungee rebounders are smooth and quiet. There is little to no noise. Some even have adjustable tension so if you want a firmer bounce, you can achieve it!

This next part is my opinion. You can take it or leave it. While spring rebounders are going to work for some, bungee rebounders are going to work for most. I have personal experience and have owned three brands of bungee rebounders including Bellicon, Jumpsport 350Pro and 570Pro, and Leaps & Rebounds. I choose to sell Jumpsport on my website because I like the adjustable tension and the price points are fair given the superior quality. Rebounders are SO MUCH more versatile than other types of fitness equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals and we often pay big bucks for those! In terms of spring rebounders, I do hope to someday try the Cellerciser. It intrigues me most of the spring rebounder options available on the market.

In closing, I discourage using the word "best" when it comes to making a rebounder selection. We all have different bodies and budgets! What is right for one may not be right for another. I started my own private Facebook group, "Rebounding for Beginners and Seniors", so I could support beginners without the bickering I witnessed in other groups. You'll find a spreadsheet pinned to the top of the group with a selection of rebounder recommendations (from other group members) including both spring and bungee. If you do end up deciding on a Jumpsport, I hope you'll support my small business and order through me. I'm here to support you either way.

The best rebounder is the one you'll use consistently!


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When I found you on TikTok during the pandemic, I had a $40 mini trampoline. I knew it wasn’t great, but your workouts were so fun. Thank you for getting me through the pandemic. I looked forward to your content and you kept me moving. Yesterday my JumpSport350 arrived from your shop and what a difference!!!!! I love what you put out into the world, Nikki 😊

Anne Slattery

You said that well. Makes sense!

Sherry Oleniuk

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