The Correct Way To Trampoline Rebound

The Correct Way To Trampoline Rebound

If you're like me, you've come to realize that no matter the topic, there are bound to be differing opinions. Trampoline rebounding is no different. After joining a few online rebounder groups, I was dismayed to observe arguing about the "best" way to rebound. So, I started my own group. We are nearly 10K strong and some valuable lessons have been learned along the way. I'd like to share a few general tips and guidelines with you.

#1 Is there a "correct" way to rebound? Yes and no. There is definitely a proper way to hold your body. Rebounding posture (form) is very important; however, when it comes to the style or intensity of a workout...that is up to you! Walk, health bounce, rebounder hiit, trampoline choreography, so many to choose from. March to the beat of your own drum!

#2 Is rebounding barefoot best? Honestly, I like to stay away from the word "best" completely. Some people like shoes and some people like barefoot. Different strokes for different folks. For some, rebounding barefoot can help with their sense of balance and proprioception. For others, shoes are more supportive for their knees. Try both and decide what you like best! I have an entire blog post about it here.  

#3 Do I need a specific brand of trampoline? It is true that some brands are higher quality and I'd never recommend going too cheap, but the truth is there are several good brands available. There is a list of recommended brands in my private Facebook group here. My own personal favorite is the Jumpsport 350Pro.

#4 Do I need to rebound intensely to reap the benefits? Nope. A few minutes of gentle health bouncing a day will do wonders! Duration and number of sessions per week really depends on your own personal goals.

#5 Should I follow an instructor? Not necessarily. If you are brand new to rebounding, a qualified instructor can help you learn proper form which is key to safety and long term success. An instructor can also help keep your workouts fun and fresh with a variety of offerings. Many instructors, myself included, offer live workouts which help some people feel motivated and accountable. Check out the Earth & Owl live schedule here.

Whatever type of workout keeps you coming back to your rebounder again and again is likely the "right" way to rebound for you! After all, it's about moving your body in a way you enjoy! For more tips on getting started, check out my "how to" playlist on YouTube here.  


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Loved this blog and love your workouts. I can’t do the lives on Thursday morning but I do them after I get home. I even got me a resistance band.

Paula Ramsey

Love your blog and YouTube workouts….


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