Trampoline Rebounding - How To Start

Trampoline Rebounding - How To Start

"I've had my rebounder for a few months, but it's sitting in the corner because I don't know how to start." As an instructor, I've heard this time and again! I've also witnessed many people begin without proper instruction and start with something way too advanced. Let's break down a few ways to get started safely.

#1 - Everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, should start with my form tutorial. Learning proper form is absolutely critical to rebounding safely and it sets you up for long term success. Click here to go to the Earth & Owl form tutorial on YouTube.

#2 - If you are advanced in age, have been inactive for a long period of time, want to lose a significant amount of weight or are in recovery from injury or illness, start with only a few minutes. Rebounding is much harder than it looks and your body needs time to adjust. Rebound for a few minutes each day and gradually increase your duration. It is ok to break up your rebounding sessions. Do a few short sessions several times a day. If you are already very active, you can start with a longer duration but make sure you've mastered good form.

#3 - Learn how to modify. Earth & Owl teaches participants how to modify a workout so that if moves become too advanced, you'll have alternatives.

#4 - Incorporate strength building exercises into your routine. Strengthening your core will help you rebound longer and more efficiently. Standing crunches are a great place to start for beginners.

#5 - Consider starting with a beginner program to learn fundamentals. Freestyle rebounding is ok, but you may be missing some key exercises helpful for improving balance, coordination and rhythm. Earth & Owl has several rebounding series including a 3-minute (19 videos), 10-minute (10 videos) and a beginner progression program (50+ videos). Click the links below to view on YouTube.

3-minute series

10-minute series

Beginner Progression Program

#6 - Listen to your body. This is a marathon, not a sprint. With consistency and patience, you'll be rebounding safely, effectively and joyfully before you know it!

#7 - Don't forget to stretch!

You're always welcome to join the Earth & Owl live classes on YouTube! I offer several weekly classes appropriate for seniors and beginners. See the schedule tab.



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