How Long Should I Rebound?

How Long Should I Rebound?

Rebounding is much more challenging than it looks! People are often surprised by the amount of core strength and endurance rebounding requires. Beginners may need to start with only a few minutes at a time. Gradually, as you build strength and stamina, you can increase the number of minutes you rebound per session. Take your time, be sure to maintain good form and try not to compare your journey with others.

Once you're feeling comfortable and confident on your rebounder, aim for 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week. This is the recommended amount by nearly every professional medical organization including the World Health Organization and American Heart Association. Guess how many minutes Earth & Owl LIVE classes total per week. You guessed it! 150 minutes! My classes include not only rebounding, but strength, balance and stretching as well. It may not be possible to catch me live every time, but live classes are available for 24 hours to the public and my YouTube channel members have forever access. Below is an example of an Earth & Owl weekly workout calendar. Some weeks have bonus classes or suggested pre-recorded workouts in addition to my regular live schedule to mix things up and give you options!

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