Trampoline Rebounding - It's Harder Than It Looks

Trampoline Rebounding - It's Harder Than It Looks

There is a misconception that trampoline rebounding is easy. The fun dance style workouts shown in short clips on social media certainly make it appear easy. Many people are surprised when their new rebounder arrives and they are only able to bounce for a few minutes. A huge part of my job as an instructor is fielding questions and comments about aching low backs, sore feet, nausea, burning calf muscles and more.

The good news is it does get easier the more you practice! Isn't that true with most anything in life? The key is to START SLOW. Begin with the basics. Health bounce for a few minutes each day while your body adjusts. Make sure you're practicing good form. Allow your body time to build strength especially in your core and the muscles of your ankles and feet. The type and brand of rebounder you purchase will also have an effect on your experience. Click here to learn more about rebounders.

Each individual has the ability to modify or intensify a rebounding workout. For a gentle workout, keep one or both feet connected to the surface of the trampoline using closed chain movements. For more intensity, pick up your knees are press more firmly into the trampoline mat with your feet. Click here to learn how to modify a rebounding workout.

With consistency, discipline, and a positive attitude, you'll be on your way to fun workouts, improved health and the reward that comes with hard work. Click here for tips on getting started safely.

Earth & Owl offers all levels of rebounding workouts including a closed chain movement workout every Thursday morning at 9:00am CST on YouTube.

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I so appreciate the tone of patience in this article. I’m just starting and my thigh muscles are sore where they attach to my knees.

Heidi S

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