Should You Rebound With Hand Weights?

Should You Rebound With Hand Weights?

I recently received a message from a participant who had just started rebounding. She wanted some rebounding with weights workout recommendations. My brain thought, "Hold on, back up, you have to walk before you can run!" There is a growing trend of extreme rebounding workouts and instructors one upping each other. It gives new rebounders the idea that a simple rebounding workout is not enough.

Participants need to master basic rebounding concepts including proper form and balance before branching into more difficult workouts.

The amount of time an individual needs to form a solid foundation is going to vary from person to person. Some might be ready to incorporate hand weights or resistance bands after a month. Some may never incorporate weights and that is perfectly fine too! Using weights while jumping requires considerable core strength, and can increase the load to your pelvic floor. Your body is already working overtime to keep upright and balanced on an unstable surface (rebounder). Adding weights increases difficulty to a move that is already difficult! These are all factors to consider when deciding if weights are right for you.

You do not have to use weights or resistance bands to reap the benefits of a rebounder, but if you want the variety be sure you've checked all the appropriate boxes first! I look forward to providing weighted workouts with a focus on safety.

XOXO, Nikki  


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Love this. I did one of your core workouts and you were using one pound weights. I didn’t have those so I grabbed two full water bottles and used those. They each weighed a little over a pound but they worked perfectly! I’ve always been athletic and pick things up quickly but it’s been a bit since I moved so I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable going any heavier until I’ve got a few more workouts under my belt.

Stephani Bayhylle

Thank you for the question, Rachelle! Rebounding consistently will improve your core strength all by itself! I’d also consider doing a few of my core toning videos on YouTube. Day 9 of the 3 Minute Series is a great place to start! Trampoline Tabata Seated Core is also a good one and you can work your way up to the full length of the video in increments.

Nikki Hayes

I bought egg weights. They aren’t too heavy and stay in hand easily while bouncing so no fear of dropping on toes. Just gives a little resistance. I have used regular lightweight dumbbells too but don’t overdue it. Mostly do those on floor. Look forward to your next series using them.

Sue Bauer

Hey Nikki! Love this! What kind of exercises do you recommend doing to work on proper core strength? Do you have a YT video for that already?

Rachelle Hiedeman

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